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Our company is China’s CSEMC designated production enterprise, founded in 1968, Leading Technologies  PTE  LTD  mainly produces cast steel, cast iron, bronze, stainless steel valves and all kinds of castings, there are varieties of cut-off valve,cut-off valve, check valve,Quick off valve,gate valve,anti-wave valve,valve,butterfly valve,safety valve, ball valve, pressure reducing valve and marine piping accessories and non-standard valve, nominal diameter DN6-600mm, PN0.1-40MPa, annual production of marine shafting,cabin, Department of outfitting steel casting,bronze pieces of more than 4000 tons and more than 50,000 sets of various valves.
May company produces automatic balancing valve marine products, the Department of the company’s patented product, and comply with GB12235-89 “General Valve Flanged steel globe valve and lift check valves”, GB1233-89 “General Valve lron system of cut-off valve and lift check valve ,” product standard。The length of the product mix according to GB12221 “flange connections of metal the length of the valve structure , the” standard。Products are widely used in shipping, petroleum, chemical, power, textile, boiler, boiler and other industries at home and abroad old and new equipment。
The company’s products in 1983, tested by China Classification Society, adopted in 1990, type approval, 1993 to obtain a certificate of CCS plants ; in 1995 was classified as military production enterprises; in 1996 by China Classification Society Quality Management System Certification; adopted in 1997, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) factory approval and acceptance; in 1998 and later adopted by the United Kingdom, respectively (LR), Germany (GL), France (BV), the United States (ABS), South Korea (KR), ltaly (RINA), Japan (NK) and other plant classification society approval。2002 products have been listed as key protection products in Taizhou City。
The whole factory covers an area of 26,000 square meters, construction area of more than 15,000 square meters, existing staff 200 people, a total of 68 technical staff who are located in various technical posts, there are a number of technical quality of the strong trade union team and perfect quality assurance system。With cast steel , metalworking, assembling the three workshops; biotechnology department, business department, quality assurance department, Finance Department, and factories, such as four in a room。The whole plant has a cold and hot more than 100 sets of processing equipment and more than 60 sets of testing equipment, can meet a variety of valves and steel casting production。
The company’s product quality has been leading in the peer level, for 24 years, Taizhou City Industrial and Commercial Bureau has been awarded “the contract and keeping promises” enterprise。
Our company abide by the “ship valve is typical of the wisdom, to provide customers with satisfactory products”, “quality first, customers first, forge ahead, realistic and innovative” company policy, warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to visit our company。

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